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MoonDaze TV Season 04 Retrospective

Release Date
December 23, 2016

Retrospective including segments from episodes
47 to 56 of Season 04.

MoonDaze TV 56 - Shimmies & Showtunes

S04E10 on IMDb

Release Date
December 03, 2016

Breck Stewart, Simone SilverLining, Martin Boulianne &
Kathy Slamen celebrate the 50th show of Candyass
Cabaret with Velma Candyass and her troupe.

MoonDaze TV 55 - Black & Blue Stardust

S04E09 on IMDb

Release Date
October 28, 2016

Breck, Kathy and Martin celebrate the 5th Anniversary
of MoonDaze TV by attending the 26th edition of Black
& Blue Stardust with artistic director Yanick Daigle and
the BBCM foundation featuring 70+ artists.

MoonDaze TV 54 - MFW Fashions

S04E08 on IMDb

Release Date
October 15, 2016

Breck, Martin, Simone, Marie and Candace visit John
Sardelli the owner of fetish clothing store Il Bolero at
Plaza St-Hubert celebrating its 25 year anniversary. The
video also includes runway segments and behind the scenes
footage recorded during Montreal Fetish Weekend 2016.

MoonDaze TV 53 - MFW 2016

S04E07 on IMDb

Release Date
September 17, 2016

Breck attends the 12th edition of Montreal Fetish
Weekend on Labor Day Weekend 2016 and wears the
clothes of 2 designers Il Bolero and Exxess Latex.
Featuring 147 different personalities behind the scenes
and in front of the camera.

MoonDaze TV 52 - Piqot's Art

S04E06 on IMDb

Release Date
July 30, 2016

Breck, Simone, Martin and Marie meet artist Jacques
Aleksandre Piqot at Van Houtte Cafe and also visit
his studio at home.

MoonDaze TV 51 - Country Tyme

S04E05 on IMDb

Release Date
June 11, 2016

We celebrate Breck Stewart and Simone SilverLining's
Birthday at the 47th edition of Candyass Cabaret.

MoonDaze TV 50 - Pompette

S04E04 on IMDb

Release Date
May 07, 2016

Breck Stewart as CandyDude and his MoonDaze
Productions team go behind the scenes of the show
Pompette hosted by LaDorris (Luc Baillargeon).

MoonDaze TV 49 - Le Genderswitch Show

S04E03 on IMDb

Release Date
April 02, 2016

Breck as "Breckinette" and his team go behind the
scenes of the 45th Candyass Cabaret show.

MoonDaze TV 48 - Le Milieu Show

S04E02 on IMDb

Release Date
March 05, 2016

Breck Stewart and Simone SilverLining reflect on the
world economy as they also visit Le Milieu, a volunteer
based cooperative where people with low means can
produce art such as crafts, knitting, painting etc.

MoonDaze TV 47 - Cléo 5 à 7 Show

S04E01 on IMDb

Release Date
January 30, 2016

Breck and his MoonDaze Productions team go behind
the scenes at the 46th Candyass Cabaret show.