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MoonDaze TV Season 02 Retrospective

Release Date
January 31, 2015

Retrospective including segments from episodes
24 to 36 of Season 03.

MoonDaze TV 36 - Change

S02E13 on IMDb

Release Date
October 05, 2014

Breck Stewart summons Van Hechter to a facial hair
duel involving shaving and banter.

MoonDaze TV 35 - Making of 2 is the Norm

S02E12 on IMDb

Release Date
September 14, 2014

Behind the scenes look on the making of song
2 is the Norm by Breck Stewart, music by Hans
Kremer featuring Kymara Kia Lee & Holy Scar.

MoonDaze TV 34 - Première

S02E11 on IMDb

Release Date
July 18, 2014

Episode features the 4 month process of preparing
a painting exhibition at Lallouz restaurant and
Studio Backstage featuring Marc-Alain Marticotte
and his students.

MoonDaze TV 33 - Fringe Festival

S02E10 on IMDb

Release Date
July 01, 2014

Breck covers 2 Fringe Festival events including
the play David adapted by Davyn Ryall with Steve
Turmel & the show Turning Tricks by Glam Gam Productions.

MoonDaze TV 32 - Chic Choc Montréal

S02E09 on IMDb

Release Date
June 13, 2014

Breck attends the Chic Choc event held at Musée
De Cire Grévin to create a permanent set of shows.

MoonDaze TV 31 - Gold Dreams

S02E08 on IMDb

Release Date
June 01, 2014

Breck goes to the Wiggle Room for the first time
to support his friends Martin Giroux, Jonathan Gold
Marianne Trenka with emcee Kitty Vanderbuilt.

MoonDaze TV 30 - LaDorris 5 ans

S02E07 on IMDb

Release Date
May 18, 2014

Breck visits LaDorris who celebrates his 5 Year
Anniversary in the Drag Queen World at Apollon.

MoonDaze TV 29 - Nuits de Montréal

S02E06 on IMDb

Release Date
April 29, 2014

Breck performs as Harry & Tim with Richard Erno,
Velma Candyass and her Candyass Cabaret troupe.

MoonDaze TV 28 - Nuits de Montréal

S02E05 on IMDb

Release Date
April 11, 2014

Breck follows Marianne Trenka in 2 events including
the 11th Nuit Blanche in Montreal and the show An
Evening in Paris.

MoonDaze TV 27 - Nuits de Montréal

S02E04 on IMDb

Release Date
March 28, 2014

Breck performs as Robert Palmer and Amadeus with
Velma Candayss and her Candyass Cabaret troupe.

MoonDaze TV 26 - Nuits de Montréal

S02E03 on IMDb

Release Date
March 07, 2014

Breck meets Davyn Ryall and Steve Turmel from
the play David while Marc-Alain Marticotte
organizes a surprise party for Marcel Cliche.

MoonDaze TV 25 - Russian Gay Love

S02E02 on IMDb

Release Date
February 14, 2014

Valentine Day special where Breck performs as
Vladimir Schovak with Velma and her troupe in a
show called Midnight in Moscow.

MoonDaze TV 24 - Quebec Canada

S02E01 on IMDb

Release Date
January 24, 2014

Breck plays QueCan and attends the Candyass Club
Cabaret show about Quebec vs Canada culture.