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2011 - 2017 (5 Seasons)
58 episodes

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Follow Breck Stewart's nightlife in Montreal featuring artists, performers, friends,
fans, guests and various people he meets along the way. The crew is visible and part
of the cast. Half English. Moitié Français.


The reality show was officially created by Breck Stewart on November 11, 2011
The first episode was only 3 min 52 seconds long but it gradually grew in length
to reach the average duration of 20 minutes by episode 23.

The cast also grew with time with the addition of several recurring characters who
would return sporadically over the seasons. The crew is always visible and credited
as part of the cast. The soundtrack contains the compositions of many indie artists
who graciously allowed their tracks to be included.

The first season is the only one containing 23 episodes. Season 02 includes 13
episodes but the series then settled for an average of 10 episodes per season.
Breck Stewart is the only cast members who appears in every episode of the show.