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Single: Sun Rays
Album: MisterE
Album: Utopia

Music Videos

2 is the Norm
So Free it Hurts
Razor Laugh
Exotic Celebration
Disturbing Bliss
Lost in this Paradox
Ecstasy in 24
Desert Breeze

Release Date

August 22, 2014

Description & Credits

Eighth Mister E single, music and mastering by Hans Kremer,
lyrics and vocals by Breck Stewart. Directed and edited by
Breck Stewart, camera 1 Sacha Cloutier, camera 2 Martin Boulianne
and Carlos Carnegato, produced by MoonDaze Productions.


Breck Stewart, Kymara Kia Lee, Holy Scar, Sacha Cloutier, Carlos
Carnegato, Art Mtz.