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Breck Stewart aka Breck Alec Stewart was born on May 18, 1968 in Montreal,
Canada. He started to act on the stage at age 7 in several productions. From
the age of 10 to 18, he learned to play four musical instruments including
piano, trump, guitar and organ.

Breck studied business administration and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree
in 1992. Then he became a TV host from 1994 to 1996 at a local TV station
in Montreal after which he started to model, act and also began to do work
behind the scenes as director, producer and editor.

In 2004, he founded MoonDaze Productions and released his first album Utopia
as a singer, songwriter and producer on October 25, 2007 first in digital form,
then 2 years later on CD as a 2-Disc Ultimate edition containing 14 bonus tracks
for a total of 20 songs. 10 tracks from Utopia have been released with music videos.

A second album Mister E followed on October 1, 2010 spanning 8 singles. On October 17,
2015 the song Sun Rays was released as Breck's first single not taken from an album.
All the music videos are available in the Discography section.

The reality show MoonDaze TV was created on November 11, 2011. Currently in its
fifth season, it features many artists, personalities, friends, fans and people Breck
meets as he covers events in the Montreal cultural scene. The full episodes are
available in the MoonDaze TV section through youtube video embed. Picture galleries
for every MoonDaze TV season and solo shots are available in the Photos section.


6 feet, 175 lbs, Dark Brown Hair, Green Eyes.


Available as event videographer, producer, director, editor, graphic designer,
web designer, photographer, actor, singer, model.
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